Tuesday, March 15, 2011

IACC Hosts Persian New Year Family Celebration

On Sunday, March 13, 2011, the Iranian-American Community Center (IACC) held their first ever Persian New Year (Nowrouz) Family Celebration at the Westwood Country Club in Vienna, VA. The event which was led by board member Dr. Forough Parvizian-Yazdani and Executive Committee member Mrs. Bita Lotfi, centered on the notion that we can collectively come together to celebrate our Iranian and American heritages as we celebrate the Persian New Year with our families and friends.  As one guest stated, “The event was managed beautifully, it was well organized, the food was great, the entertainment was wonderful, the dancers did such great job, the venue was elegant, and the cause made it so much more worth it to be there.”
This event took months of planning, and participation on the part of several committees in itself are examples of how people can come together and make things happen. There were numerous activities for children of all ages in one room and a family banquet hall filled with laughs courtesy of Max Amini and K-Von K-Von. With Tehran SoParvaz as Master of Ceremonies, the IACC embarked on an event that surprised many, entertained and most of all brought families together and made the evening truly memorable.

IACC’s mission of celebrating past, present and future generation IA’s was well embraced by all who attended. Proving that the Iranian-American community not only has the financial and intellectual maturity required to build a community, but also possesses the sophistication required to celebrate the community’s collective diverse views and life styles. This project will be a feat, no doubt, but one well-worth the under-taking!

As the IACC continues its “virtual” community, its long-term goal is to create a physical structure that will house numerous activities for young and old. It could be a place that benefits all generations with the inclusion but not limited to:
1.       Language school for all ages
2.       Arts programs for all ages
3.       Senior programs
4.       Team sports
5.       Event hosting
The IACC is up and running and its future rests on your support. While IACC is encouraging financial commitments for this future goal, they also need volunteers to help make the IACC a reality. A lot of work is ahead of us, and the more motivated community members join the IACC, the sooner its physical location will take shape.
Please email feedback, financial pledge or thoughts to imagineIACC@gmail.com and share their FACEBOOK page with your friends, their friends, their friend’s friends, etc. IACC is not an elusive dream. It is an attainable vision to improve the quality of life for every IA in the D.C. area. Be sure to check out their website, www.iacommunitycenter.org and stay tuned for IACC’s future events.